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Learned Empowerment is About Getting the Most Out Of:

Your Potential

Learn to cultivate skills and mindsets that attract success and happiness.

Your Time

Learn how to do more in less time (and be less stressed while doing so).

Your Relationships

Learn to foster rich, satisfying relationships that bring supreme joy.

Your Life

How to separate what seems important in life, from what really is.

Learn From a Professional Teacher

Kendel Christensen is one of the most enthusiastic individuals you will ever meet. Possessing a passionate heart and a mind eager to gather the most life-changing knowledge from around the world, his mission is to empower individuals like you to become confident, capable, and in control of their lives.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, and a Teach for America Alumni, teaching is what Kendel does best. He knows how to explain things in a way that is engaging, safe, and memorable.

Though he used to go through life as a timid observer, Kendel has learned how to view legitimate fears and debilitating limits with empowered eyes and now helps motivate and empower others to live lives that are truly satisfying.

What Do You Want in Your Life?

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