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Tech life hack #1:

Screenshot 2015-04-02 13.52.29 sends you free reminder emails, when you need them. Ever send an email and the other person forgets to get back to you? Help yourself out by selecting a number of days that you’d like to be reminded to follow up with the person (e.g., 5), and include the following email address on the bcc (blind carbon copy) line: Like magic, you (only) will be sent a reminder email in 5 days—just enough time to follow up before the deadline makes it an emergency. If you add a followupthen address to the cc (carbon copy) line, the site will send the reminder to both of you. I use this at least 10 times per day.

Tech life hack #2: Turbo Unsubscribe is amazing. You can unsubscribe in bulk from all the lists you’ve signed up for over time and then consolidate the subscriptions you want to keep into ONE daily email. I unsubscribed from 196 unwanted subscriptions in 8 minutes flat—life-changing and free! Power Inbox also has an easy “remove me” option for newsletters (

Tech life hack #3: Money-saving websites

Before you buy items online, go to (to search for the best current sales), (for the newest coupon codes), then (sign in to make the purchase, and you will get a small percentage of your purchase price back). You’ll save thousands over time.

Also check out to track prices on and get an email when an item you are interested in gets a price drop!

Tech life hack #4: Remove Internet Ads to get rid of most of the ads on the websites you browse. The site speeds up your browsing and minimizes distractions. It’s like magic.

Tech life hack # 5: Keep Private Info Private

Stop hackers and advertising trackers from seeing your online activity with the free extension Ghostery. It’s free!

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